Backup Exec 2012 Enterprise Server Option

The new Enterprise Server Option combines the management capabilities of the Central Administration Server Option (CASO) together with the storage management expansion capabilities of Advanced Disk Based Option (ADBO) and SAN Storage Option (SSO).

Now as one agent CASO, ADBO and SSO are provided together helping organisations manage larger storage environments. Simplify management with concise information and centralised management of multiple Backup Exec media servers across the network.

CASO simplifies backup management of multiple Backup Exec media servers.
Centralised management that can scale to manage media servers across the network provides concise information including

  • Load balancing of backup jobs
  • The management of distributed catalogs
  • Backup reports which enable the restore process
  • Bandwidth throttling – which regulates network traffic and minimises bandwidth congestion
  • Fault tolerance – which enables a system to continue operation rather than failing altogether
  • Monitoring and reporting for a number of Backup Exec media servers in a Windows data centre, distributed throughout a network or at remote offices

Backup Exec supports Off-site Replication or optimized duplication, ESO (CASO) enables deduplicated data to be copied directly from one OpenStorage (OST) device to another (from the same vendor). Because the data is deduplicated, only unique data is copied between the devices solving the issue of disaster recovery by copying backup sets from one Backup Exec media server to another using optimized duplication makes the same backup data available for recovery at multiple locations, thereby offering a convenient disaster recovery solution.

ADBO speeds up both the backup and restore processes through Synthetic and Off-Host backup and True Image restore functionality.

Synthetic backup reduces backup windows and network bandwidth requirements using incremental backups to create a full ‘Synthetic’ backup by merging the previous full backup and all the incremental backups together.

Off-Host backups are where the media server simply takes an already ‘copied’ backup (sometimes call Volume Shadow Copy) on a SAN (Storage Area Network) or runs the processes required to backup on the media server rather than the host server (server to be backed up), this means backups can potentially be taken during the day with little or no impact to the application. True image restore restores data sets in the correct order which simplifies the process of restoring data sets. SSO makes your whole backup process faster and easier to manage in larger environments, by backing up data to a shared, central storage device (SAN).

It is a LAN-free backup solution. A LAN-free backup is a backup of server data to a shared, central storage device (SAN) without sending the data over the local area network (LAN). It allows multiple distributed backup servers to backup to storage devices that are connected over a switched fabric or iSCSI SAN.

It provides more efficient and better backup performance without interrupting normal LAN activity. It load balances backup job activity across shared devices from multiple Backup Exec servers. The centralised management of media helps to lower the total cost of management across larger high-end storage environments.

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