Symantec’s unique combination of Service Provider-ready services, unrivalled technical resources, extensive go-to-market support and trusted brand enables Service Providers to grow user revenues, while minimizing investment requirements.
There are two Symantec programs which enable partners to extend their services portfolio and create predictable, recurring revenue streams:
The Symantec ExSP Program:
  • a monthly subscription buying program
  • covers a wide range of Symantec on-premise and hosted solutions
  • helps customers maximize their IT budgets without sacrificing functionality
The Partner Program:
  • a partner program which allows you to embed Symantec SaaS offerings into your portfolio
  • introduces your customers to Symantec hosted solutions
  • offers automation and self-provisioning capabilities
ExSP Licensing
Program Partner Program
Backup and Recovery
Data Loss Prevention
Endpoint Protection
High Availability
Mail Security
System Recovery
Web Security

PAYG at a glance

Your customers don’t want to buy technology; they want a managed outcome at a known price from a trusted advisor.
With Symantec’s pay-as-you-go offerings, your customers, whatever their company size, can experience the same advanced technology and associated benefits, without the upfront cost of purchasing the products.


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The future of
managed services

Managed Service Providers: $55 billion in 2010 and set to reach $86 billion by 2016*.

The managed services opportunity in the UK will be $18.1bn in 2014 – up from $10.3bn in 2009 (Forrester).

Remote infrastructure management is currently $46bn worldwide and growing at 10% CAGR (Forrester).

Platform-as–a-Service market will grow over 8 years to $15.2bn (Forrester 2009).

UC and collaboration UK forecast 2014: $3bn, up from $1.5bn in 2009 (Forrester).

By 2014, 34% of new business software purchases will be delivered as a service (IDC).

Storage-as-a-Service was worth $400m in 2010 and is expected to quadruple over the next 3 years (451 Group).

The Infrastructure-as-a-Service market will increase at CAGR 52.53% between 2010 and 2013 (Research & Markets 2010).

Public IT cloud services will grow more than 5 times the rate of traditional IT products during the next 3 years (IDC).

Worldwide revenue from public cloud services is forecast to reach $55.5 billion by 2014 (IDC).

The market for business continuity and disaster data recovery solutions will grow from $24.3bn in 2009 to over $39bn in 2015 (ABI Research).

Security-as-a-Service UK forecast 2014: $1.5bn, up from $796m in 2009 (Forrester).


Partner Success

Gradian grows pipeline revenue with ExSP

How does it work?

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