How Cloud Is Affecting Government Agency CIOs and Shared Services

City IT ecosystems will increasingly be built on public sector cloud or infrastructure virtualisation, with social and mobile computing as the primary access for applications and services.

In a smart city environment, all the smart services can be delivered through a traditional client-server approach, but also through a cloud-computing model, in order to leverage ‘as-a-service’ capabilities and efficiencies. 
Both private and hybrid cloud models require a secure virtualised environment, where data can be safely guarded and processed with appropriate Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to guarantee the essential services to citizens. Authentication and encryption policies and techniques can help ensure the integrity of the cloud environment and its safe function in the virtual space.

Read this Gartner report*to learn how the increasing availability of commercial cloud services offerings will challenge both the value proposition of shared-service organizations to agency CIOs, and also the value proposition of agency IT organizations to their business users.

*Gartner, How Cloud Is Affecting Government Agency
CIOs and Shared Services, December 2012, Andrea Di Maio

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