Predicts 2013: CSPs need to focus on the Nexus of Forces

The communication industry is undergoing a major transformation. The traditional voice and data market is declining, and Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are intensively looking for ways to generate new business growth.

Cloud holds significant new potential for CSPs. Leading analysts see Cloud Services as their biggest new growth opportunity. Gartner predicts that by 2016, the top 50 CSPs will use up to 10% of their capital expenditure to become cloud service providers or brokers and grow cloud-based services in addition to smart-pipe offerings.
One of these new promising Cloud Services lies in Information Protection Services. There is increasing evidence that many customers, from consumers and SMBs, up to large enterprises would rather buy into an information protection roadmap and purchase cloud and mobile services from CSPs, than try to solve the challenges by themselves.

But the cloud computing market is radically different from traditional telecom. To become trusted cloud service providers, CSPs should consider ways to improve customer experience, introduce new pricing models and position themselves as ecosystem players.

Read the Gartner Report* to discover new market opportunities which stem from the conjunction of cloud, mobile, information and social. Learn how CSPs can combine these Nexus of Forces elements with their strengths in network connectivity to create differentiated value propositions.

Gartner, Predicts 2013: CSPs need to focus on the Nexus of Forces, November 2012, King-Yew Foong, et al.

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