Smart City Aligns Technology Innovation and Citizen Inclusion

For the last few decades, visionary city administrations have started looking closely at ways to enhance quality of life for city dwellers. However, with today’s constrained resources, they face new and wide-ranging pressures like: population growth, the prolonged economic crisis, international carbon emission targets, critical infrastructure protection, ageing urban infrastructure, public safety and security, demanding citizens, Wi-Fi hotspots. City governments are expected to address all of these challenges, on top of existing issues. This drives the need to create an ecosystem of ICT vendors, energy suppliers, building companies, health providers and education bodies; all engaged in providing state-of-the-art solutions in every field.

“Increased population density complicates the task of adjusting city infrastructure according to population growth. IT leaders should look to Smart City as an innovative and comprehensive framework that uses ICT to generate a sustainable, contextualized and more citizen-centered service environment.” Source: Gartner, Innovation Insight: Smart City Aligns

Technology Innovation and Citizen Inclusion, December 2012, Bettina Tratz-Ryan, et al.

Learn from this Gartner report, how Smart City aligns technology innovation and citizen inclusion.

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