Developing GRC for new and unknown public sector IT challenges

The pace of change within IT over the last decade has left many organizations struggling to keep up. As trends such as cloud computing, mobile devices and social media continue to increase complexity and drive this change, governance, risk and compliance programs must evolve just as rapidly to stay ahead of the risks these trends bring.

The battle to keep GRC strategies effective in the new media age is particularly demanding for public sector organizations. Central, regional and local governments, healthcare providers and educational institutions are bound by extensive legislative and regulatory mandates regarding data storage and security, making GRC a key concern.

However, research from Gartner suggests that unknown emerging risks are still proving difficult for new or immature GRC programs to overcome:
  • The increasing adoption of cloud, social, mobile and information technologies, a change in regulatory environment, increasing government oversight, a change in the competitive landscape, and natural hazards from environmental changes are avenues of emerging risks.
  • Governance, risk and compliance (GRC) programs are not keeping up with the emergence of new risks.
  • Accepted means of managing risks, such as IT security programs and cyberinsurance, are increasingly inadequate.

(Source: Gartner, Predicts 2013: GRC Will Be Unprepared for Uncertainty)

To read more recommendations for maturing your GRC strategy, download the Gartner document today.

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