Implementing a shared services in a public sector environment
Utilize Gartner research to construct your business case

Following the global economic downturn and subsequent austerity budgets, businesses everywhere are seeking new ways to increase efficiency while also lowering costs. This pressure is keenly felt within the public sector. With spending cuts likely to continue for the foreseeable future, healthcare providers, educational establishments, central, regional and local government, and other public sector institutions are embracing innovative new strategies such as shared services.

For public sector organizations, the temptation to engage in shared-services arrangements is high. However, if the operational aims of the various stakeholders are misaligned, delivery may fail to meet expectations, so a carefully prepared strategy is imperative. The Gartner research note analyzes the processes behind developing a business case for SSCs in eight critical points, of which “Five of these areas address content, while three focus on the process of creating a business case”.

To explore these eight areas in detail and read more recommendations from Gartner, download the “How to Build a Business Case for Shared Services” research note today.
(Source: Gartner, How to Build a Business Case for Shared Services)

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