Using the Gartner Pace-Layered Application Strategy to support evolving government IT

“Cloud computing, consumerization and a revamped interest on shared services are triggering a change in the balance of application portfolios. This will affect the role of government IT organizations.”
(Source: Gartner, Pace-Layered Application
Strategy Supports Smart Government)

Current computing trends, driven in part by the strict budget constraints of the age of austerity, are contributing to a shift in IT decision making. With government agencies embracing cloud computing and consumerization as they continue to seek new efficiency and cost-saving measures, business departments are increasingly able to act independently of the central IT department.

Although this shift may help increase business user productivity and efficiency, the added complexity of the multi-layered infrastructure is rendering the traditional IT department approach inadequate in managing the architecture for security and compliance. In the heavily regulated public sector environment, with sensitive information to be stored and secured and unknown risks to contend with, the IT department needs to change.

To find out more about developing a pace-layered application architecture for government IT organizations, download the Gartner document today.

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